Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Dragon's Take On Romance...and Valentine goodies

Indeed, Dragon's do celebrate the spirit/essence/soul of romance. Ha! You believed that such as I did not have the capacity, experience, savoir faire for that enterprise? Of course, it depends on one's perspective of the word itself. Have you humans recently reviewed the definition, description, most specific meaning of that tasty expression?

What is romance, one might ask? As a noun, it does, indeed, pertain to a "love affair" or "physical love idealized"--which means to place the object of said affection on a pedestal. Fascination with something, especially of an uncritical or inexplicable kind (one finds no or little fault with said object). View the object of your heart's attention through rose colored glasses. [Just an aside here--I do not wear glasses of any ilk, no matter the color. For one, my visual acuity is without peer, I don't need artificial aid. Help. Assistance. More important, glasses, as they currently exist, would not fit over my eye sockets even were they constructed to specification for my size. Ergo, I never view any other being, Dragon or otherwise, through rose, red, or pink colored glasses.] That said, some of the additional definitions provided in the mighty, muscle flexing icon of word connotations, ye olde dictionary, are "a spirit or feeling of adventure", "excitement", "the potential for heroic achievement", "the exotic".

A bit skewed , unsymmetrical, off the general concept of romance, although I suppose it is possible one may find adventure and excitement in the prospect of a romantic rendezvous. That, in moi opinion, relates more to the physical aspect of the subject. In any case, the definitions that I find most intriguing, pleasing, applicable to such as myself are: a story of love (novel, movie, play), love stories as a genre, a medieval adventure story, a fictional narrative dealing with exciting and extravagant adventures, an extravagant or absurd fictitious account of something, a short lyrical piece. Finally/at last/to conclude with definitions, as a verb romance means: to tell adventurous stories, tell love stories, and think romantically, treat someone romantically, have an affair with somebody. Oh, the excitement of all those "story" references. Romance, it appears, belongs to the world of the writer, purveyor of words, essayist of thought. The author.

Do you see the truth of it? Romance in its purest form is defined as a story, account, fiction, anecdote, legend saga, fable, yarn, parable, narrative! Oh, yes--relation was in there somewhere, but you get the gist/substance/idea. Romance fits most comfortably into a writer's realm. Therefore, it is appropriate, right, correct that all the goodies inherent to the Valentine celebration should be directed/channeled to writers. Such as I!

As a male, I will admit to having little interest in a tiny bouquet of flowers--in any case, I have entire fields of wild flowers at my disposal when I choose to fly into the wilds. Cards, however, are acceptable. Satisfactory. Suitable. Very large cards, of course; I cannot read the really tiny ones! And chocolate. Do not forget/forgo/overlook the chocolate.

Chocooooolaaate. Food of gods and Dragons. Cacao seeds. Smooth, melting candy. Brown ambrosia. Taste bud teasers. Tongue sin. Great globs of the sweetness in kegs, barrels, drums. Don't worry, I'll share the abundance with my scribe. The thoughts may be mine, but she does take care of the mechanics.

Do you see how simple it is? if you would take romance to its appropriate conclusion, to the heart of the matter, the source of the issue, you would/should/MUST take it to the story tellers. The big ones. With scales.

I'll be waiting in my cave.


  1. Interesting post!! Valentines Day is very special day for me... I love to celebrate it with my friends...

  2. Ryan -- thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great time with your friends on Valentine's Day. In the end, will the celebration not be remembered as the "story" of the "adventure" you shared with your friends that day? It all comes around in a nice circle--memory, spoken aloud, is a tale! It won't be fictional,of course, but lyrical for the very joy of it! Makes a story teller's heart beat stronger...will you have chocolate?