Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Find Your Passion – And Go For It!

Steve Jobs, that marvelous innovator who brought us new visions and connections to music and words and the vast human community, once said “Do what you love.”  

This concept isn’t new, but it is an idea that—while embraced with enthusiasm—few of us (be we human or Dragon) embrace with intent. Not because we wouldn’t want to earn a living doing what we love, but because often what we love isn’t marketable, at least not when you’re first starting out as an adult and have to actually find work that supports you and/or your family.  
Winged or wingless, we do live in a commodity driven world.
Some lucky few are fortunate enough to ‘hit it big’ as an actor or a model, as a jock or a broker, as a teacher or an orator, or even as a writer or a painter, and they find fulfillment and excitement in their profession. 


Most of us, however, don’t have the original opportunity for such pursuit of work happiness. It might be due to lack of funds or lack of emotional support, but it often results from lack of guidance and encouragement to reach for the dream.  A child is, after all, led into life by the adults that raise them and direct, at least, their mental growth.  And expediency, pragmatism, and the realities of society will force a child toward a practical line of employment.


Thus dreams are shoved to the back burner, languish as hobbies or, worse, wistful memories of what might have been.

If you still have the dream, the interest, the passion—no matter your age or circumstance—it’s never too late to go for it.  Even if you have to keep your day job and squeeze your passion into a tight corner of an otherwise active life—go for it!  Doing what you love, what you have a talent for, sparks satisfaction, pride, and a sense of achievement that your day job often doesn’t provide.  Who’s to say that eventually you might just bring your talent and joy of doing to a high enough level that it will become your ‘day job’? If it does or doesn’t reach the level of providing all, or even just supplemental, financial support, no matter. The point is in the doing.  The point is in the effort, the excitement of the effort, the achievement of the effort. You’ll feel better about yourself, and be happier for the accomplishment.

Got a story to write? Go for it!

Got a picture to paint? Go for it! 

Want to act, teach, make people laugh, fly a plane, bring forth a new technology, provide some cool tool that will help some small portion of humanity—go for it!

Trust the Dragon. It’s never too late. Just make the effort and Go For It!

The Dragon has spoken...

P.S. If you didn't think to, just click on the green links and find some fodder for your specific passion. 

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