Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh Joy! The documentation/record/script extraordinaire is Published. Very well, call it a Book.

There are so few things for a Dragon to accomplish these days. S'not as if one can traipse about in daylight and tackle affairs as they did in the olden days when humans believed in Dragons and didn't get so upset seeing one on their doorstep. Or on their roof. Or sipping from their well. Everything must be done covertly/secretively/under cover of darkness nowadays, else every gun toting, pitchfork wielding, crowbar swinging brawny human is shooting, prodding, smashing your body parts. They've no respect for size or fangs at all! Note I mention only the brawny ones; the thinkers are less physically negative toward those of us who are different from them in bulk/shape/form. So I try to do less physical interaction, myself, and limit my efforts/endeavors/activities to more brain centered tasks. Such as writing. But one never knows if their efforts will be rewarded, acknowledged, credited. Even viewed. Oh, the pain of obscurity. The depression of being unappreciated. The dismay of wasting words on the emptiness of an unread page!

But--thank the beings of ethereal spaces. Writers Exchange E-Publishing has come to my rescue, feathered my wings and my pen (well, the pen my scribe wields). The tales of my deeds in the world of Isoladia have at last found their way onto the worldwide screen of the Internet. And the small mobile devices, electronic gadgets, all those fascinating doodads that seem stuck to human fingers these days. Bliss. Ecstasy. I can only get those entrenched in electronics to actually download, obtain, gather the words onto a suitable screen and READ!

I'll not give up hope. The words will continue to tumble out, flee the forked tongue, trip tunefully from my brilliant Dragon brain. The Writing Dragon, having writ, writes more...

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