Sunday, March 21, 2010

On Noise and Explosions, Politics and Ire, Vinegar and Honey

Verily, but there is so much noise/din/clamor/RACKET in the air these days it is an absolute agony for Dragon ears! When one hears All So Well as a Dragon does, no twitter (nay, I mean sound, not text) goes unnoticed.

Americans are a fractious and oft antagonistic/belligerent/hostile variant of the human species, so seriously do they take their personal philosophies. So much thought and passion gone rampant inside those little human bodies and heads--s'wonder they don't explode! Detonate! Splatter outward like sparkles from a skyrocket. Pyrotechnic spew. Which would be a fascinating sight, but hardly pleasant either for the exploder or the recipient of their spraying/spreading/effervescent molecules. Do you think the resultant discharge would be in tones of red, white and blue? Just a thought...

Religion. Law. Politics. Value systems as varied as colorful leaves spiraling in autumnal splendor--orange and ginger, red and ruby, crimson and russet and chocolate and yellow...lovely in their individual expression, but mix them, chop them into tiny/minuscule bits and the color goes dark. Somber. Scareeeyyyy....grrrrrrr.

Civility and passion seem, to my Dragon senses, incompatible. Irreconcilable. Mutually exclusive. Dragons were once that way, to my chagrin. All fire and spit and it WILL be my way...or not at all. But we learned the error of our ways. Naught comes from flash fire and anger but incineration of all that is dear to one's being. From passion set free and spent without regard to feelings, respect, or simple common courtesy.

In today's impassioned atmosphere, blistered as it is with the ire of righteous indignation and virtuous resentment, manners no longer exist. Vinegar, not honey, has become the ingredient of choice in the recipe of verbal debate. Personally, as a discerning Dragon, I have a sweet tooth. A palate titillated/tingled/teased by saccharine constituents, sugary components, tongue tasty bits of politeness. Gobbled up, such tidbits stifle irrational reaction.

Sigh. If only set minds were as easy to work with as words. Seek ye, olde writers of stories, tales, and narratives, the richest, mind rejuvenating expressions you can ferret from whatever language you consider your own. Make an old Dragon happy, and give every written account an incomparable flavor that will please the reader, improve his/her mood, provide clarity of perspective and, please Lord, return kindness/tolerance/graciousness to their expression of humanity.

The Dragon has spoken...

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