Sunday, September 19, 2010

Good Appetite! S'more than a eating 'Cliche'.

As a Dragon,  a good appetite is something I understand. Takes more than a little nibble to develop appreciable Dragon heft. In this instance, however, I speak not of food/chow/vittles, but of Life, for which a good appetite is every bit as important.  What different does it make to shovel calories into one's great maw/jaw/gullet if they've no motivation for the outcome of such an

A short while ago I curled in my cave and enjoyed watching a film called "Julie & Julia", an inspiring tale about two motivated humans (Dragon or not, I've no problem with cross- species entertainment; soul-spark recognizes no physiological boundaries!)  S'not just a 'chick' or 'Dragon' flick, but an excellent presentation of drive, focus on goals, a joy for existence, and the beauty of relationships that survive the difficulties of fierce drive, assiduous focus, and unbounded joy.  All applicable circumstances, I think, for writers and artists to consider in their works.

Writers: what rich characteristics to assign your characters! Driven characters have conflicts, both internal and external.  Focused folks don't always see what's happening around them, either emotionally or intellectually.  More Conflict!  Unbounded joy/happiness/elation can be charming, but can also be irritating to the 'unjoyful' (new word!) among your characters, and it can be a careless and distracting attribute.  If a character is blinded by joy, will they recognize evil?  Threats?  The possibility of  disenchantment?  S'a thick soup of potential issues worthy of spooning into your story development.  

Artists:  Rather than spoon the soup, spatter it on with paint.  Or pixels; whatever your choice of artistic weaponry.  Every emotion has its own color and texture, visible to the eyes and heart of the individual artist.  Subject and style, both or either, can express drive. Focus can relate to the artist or the work, but my reference is to the visual: soften or sharpen lines, tones, hues, light.  Such expresses the environment of the scene.  How can there be naught but unbounded joy in the mere creation?  But that alludes to the artist.  Not all art expresses joy, but can push the bounds of emotion by invoking sadness, peace, dread...s'all in the presentation.  Make your art a palatable creation.

"Julie & Julia", so much can be reaped from the manner of their lives!  Touches even a Dragon's heart to recognize the depth of devotion between Julia Child and her husband.  She was tall, loud, uninhibited, and (at least in the movie) his love was unbending.  He loved her not 'in spite' of her characteristics, but because of them.

What a delicious story.  Butter was never so tasty!  S'worth your time to watch this one!

The Dragon has spoken...                 

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