Thursday, February 3, 2011

Creativity - A Dragon's Thoughts on the Subject

I have been cogitating about creativity

Create- to make, generate, fashion, form, produce, craft, or construct something, be it a thought or a physical item.  Ivity- not a word onto itself; however…true cognation can delve beyond the ‘notness’ of it.  Therefore, ivity = I, which is a word onto itself, and vity…ummm…I can grasp good use of the ‘v’, such as vital? Vivid? Voracious?

Is it not a vital activity, to create? Is creation not a vivid release of imagination, vision, insight? To be voracious is to be avid, big, rapacious…insatiable! Creativity is the insatiable explosion of mind into matter.

Creat-i-vity, a lovely tumble of mind to hand and eye.  Of hand and eye to word or brush/stylus.  Of word to sentence, of brush/stylus to image.  Writers and Artists are the creators of Books and Art, and in some cases, both.
The Creativity of Books and Art, I think, is the manner by which human beings (and some Dragons, I’ll not exclude intelligent species such as myself!) expand soul and mind, interact, teach, share their culture, their intelligence, their dreams. S’not such a difficult conception! 

Admire ye, then, bipedal and winged beasts alike, the Writers and Artists among you.  How else do you pass on knowledge, insight, memory, beauty, imagination.  I.  Imagine.  A Nation…without Books that connect us to the past, to the current, to the future.  Without Art that visualizes what has been, what is, what will be, what might be.  

Thought.  Pondering.  Ideas.  Color.  Splendor.  Spirit.

Creativity: Admire it. Share it!  The Dragon has spoken.

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  1. Great post! I often get lost in the idea of creativity but never stop to actually write about it! Loved this =) Thanks for sharing!