Saturday, June 16, 2012

'Define' Yourself - Who You Are Belongs To You!

In the course of my long Dragon years (oh, they are too many to count!) I have observed humans spend most of their days 'defined' (described... outlined...delineated...restricted!) by someone else. Or at least by the circumstances of their obligations.

Your job defines you based on what you do every day to earn a living. And, generally, what you do is determined not just by the job requirements, but by the expectations and dictations of the boss/supervisor/overseer who decides what they want you to do, or, worse, what they believe you are capable of. Or--not capable of. Someone else deciding what you are able, or not able to do, can be not only deflating, but a terrible tromp on one's self-worth! S'nuff to droop a Dragon's wings, let alone a humans dignity...

This happens, I am wont to suggest, even in the doing of hobbies and vocations. 

Do you belong to an organization--be it pertaining to art or writing or music or any kind of creative endeavor--that sets the parameters by which your art or writing or music or other creations are judged worthy? Don't get me wrong--organizations are often a fun and hugely beneficial route by which one learns from those more experienced not only in the techniques of a chosen creative industry, but often, as well, of the business methods by which one presents their creation to the world. The right organization can spark creativity, teach the ins and outs, and they are also a wonderful place for networking and building friendships. But...they can be a restrictive setting in that (not unlike political or religious organizations) they are often stone-set in specific methodologies and regulations. Like a horse wearing blinders, they move only in one direction down the track. Sometimes it leads you across the finish line a winner, sometimes it merely shuts off the rest of the track from your view. No deviations, re-routing, experiments, or side-tracks allowed or sanctioned! Belief in a singular manner of creating and selling are inflexible.

As a Dragon, I believe in freedom of flight. Grab the currents as you will and soar as long as your wings will hold you! Organizations can only teach you just so much, and after a time the lessons are no longer able to offer new insight. When they become repetitious, s'time to venture out on your own. That is the point, my human friends, when you 'define' yourself according to your own concept of worthiness. You define, as well, whatever you have created--be it art or a book or a song or a beautifully knitted scarf!--as worthy. You define. You choose the routes of creativity and business according to what works for you, and never--the Dragon repeats--NEVER let anyone else tell you what you are--or are not--capable of. What you can't always do in your 'day job', you CAN do as your creative self!

If you move outside the parameters set by tradition and establishment, don't let anyone tell you that makes you and your creation unsuitable. Inappropriate. Improper. Unworthy!

If you enjoy and prefer the fellowship of an organization, seek and select one comprised of other creatives who have no problem 'bucking the system'. Join a group that is not only not restricted by a charter of regulations, but that encourages and is, indeed, excited by your projects. There is nothing more enriching than sharing the enthusiasm of the real you--the creative and capable you!--with others.

It's all about moving forward unfettered by others' expectations and definitions. Go forth and be creative. Define yourself, my human friends. Be worthy!

The Dragon has spoken...


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