Friday, June 29, 2012

Why I Love Pinterest

Today I spent what some might consider an inordinate amount of time on Pinterest...setting up several new Boards and perusing through Boards of other folks to find images that grabbed my eye faster than a Dragon can down a bullock! And it was, indeed, a pleasant chow down of eye candy. A tasty visual meal of gourmet textures and colors spilled like sugar on fresh, warm cookies! Or sprinkles on a rich cake...

Time's value is set by the one who's busy using it, is it not? I consider my time well spent!

Dream garden; oh, the colors!
It was a lovely way to focus on something that gives me pleasure--looking at fun, cool, unusual, and oft times inspirational images.  My 'Colors' Board is overflowing with some truly marvelous photos and images of anything exhibiting vivid or pleasant or breath-taking colors. Crosses the entire spectrum, not only of color, but of subject matter. Anything can be visually pleasing for the sake of its hue/tone/tint/pigment/shade--s'all in the eye of the beholder! My keen Dragon eyes love visual titillation. 

What a lovely place to visit.
I could never have found all those wonderful images browsing on my own. It is a great option to be able to utilize the browsing powers of a multitude of others who have already found some of those splendid images. And it's fun to see how many of us have similar taste and opinions in regard to what we look at and what we like looking at! I enjoy, as well, being able to store the images that please me so much and being able to go back and re-enjoy them time and again. S'like having a digital gallery that I can view whenever I want.

The kind of home one stumbles on the forest, where you find safety, a good meal, a warm bed, and good company...

A beautiful hand-sewn garmet

A fun, bright Art journal. Someone's marvelous creation.
I like Pinterest because I like visual things. I like discovering photos of items I might never have otherwise discovered. I like garnering ideas about making things, cooking things, and building things. I like seeing places that would be beyond my ability to actually visit. I like seeing the physical representation of my dream house, or dream building, or dream man, or dream work of art, or even dream life-style.  I love the sharing of it all. S'nice to know there are so many others who have the same interests, and the same response to those interests. It's a lovely way to connect with the rest of the humanity (or Dragonkind, whichever your proclivity).

Indeed, s'my personal Dragon opinion that strolling through the Pinterest galleries is worth the time and effort. As satisfying as walking through a museum or art gallery without having to set foot out in the heat, or look for a parking place where there aren't any. And these digital galleries are can pin and re-pin, share in the delight, smile at the results, sigh at the 'oh, if only I had that!' particularly wonderful object of admiration.

If you haven't checked out Pinterest, you should. If you already have Boards, enjoy them with enthusiasm. Express yourself fully with color and concept, dreams and hopes, and many 'ohhhh-that's beautiful' moments.

The Dragon has spoken... 

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