Sunday, July 4, 2010

The 4th of July - Appreciating the Freedoms

As a Dragon, a plethora of activities give me joy: flying, flaming, eating!  I'm Free to engage in these activities...well, I do have to control the extent of my enthusiasm.  Too much wing here, too hot a flame there--ho, yes!  There are consequences.  But control is a freedom of choice; if one chooses to be part of a social order, the freedom to flap their wings or flip their tail ends at the tip of the next Dragon's (or human's) nose.  Mutual respect.  S'only way to assure the continuation of health, amicability, and order, both for moi and those who share my world. 

Ergo, within those self-imposed restrictions one can fly where and as they will (avoiding jet flight paths and somersaults that could rip ye olde wings!), flame with impunity, and eat what soaks the fat cells!  [As I've noted before, a Dragon needs tremendous tush to handle heavy landings.]  I appreciate/adore/love the Freedom to do these things.  

There are many places in this world where I, as a Dragon, and my scribe, as a female, wouldn't be 'allowed' to express/convey/articulate anything, let alone emote emotions, spew freely the language we love, or carry ourselves proudly as free thinking individuals. The western world is special for Dragons and females, America is flaming Great!

Happy 4th of July--appreciate the Freedoms.  Responsibly.  The Dragon has spoken...


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