Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Nod To LVS Associates: Where Learning Is FUN!

Even Dragons, old as we are, need to be educated in new things.  We live so many years/eras/centuries, the brain becomes weighty. Heavy with wisdoms, burdened with experience.  Our superior intellect requires priming--a pruning of the old, a pricking with the new.  

A witty Dragon, in particular, must have fuel for the brain. Knowledge. Edification. Erudition. BUT - s'not easy to find courses suitable to one's financial situation (not all of us have caves full of treasure!) or convenient to our busy schedules.  An artistic Dragon, in particular, has special needs, requires tools by which to express its talents.  Wise Dragon that I am, I searched online for an institute that would provide lessons I could both afford And have time to participate in. The Great Egg was watching out for me. I found the perfect situation.

LVS Associates...they say it best in their own words: 

"LVS Online Classes offer the highest quality instruction in a unique format. Whether you want to upgrade your resume, improve your skills, or impress your boss, LVS Online classes offers a selection of classes that are not only affordable but will also introduce you to a great group of people - our students! 

Our online courses are perfect for senior learners, homeschoolers, or those seeking a stress-relieving hobby or even a career change. You won't need any special hardware of software to participate in our online classes. There are no scheduled class times - you decide when you'd like to work online, day or the middle of the night, no matter what time zone. Your instructor is there to review your work, answer questions or concerns and, if you'd like, you can chat with other students on our class discussion board. The very best part of online learning is that you don't have to leave your home to enjoy a course developed and taught by a professional in their field!"

This is a marvelous institution. For the grand sum of $30 ($24 if you're a returning student) you can take a 6 week course in academic subjects, business, graphic design and art, graphic programs (I've taken numerous classes in Corel Painter), arts and humanities, computers and internet, photography, and web related subjects (web development, programming, Dreamweaver, and Flash).  

S'nough to make an old Dragon's heart sing! Fun, self-paced, knowledgeable, and varied in subject matter.  If you are interested in learning something new, something you need know, fun but useful courses, go to the website (, see what a great line up of courses LVS provides, and look over the exciting classes offered.  If you've half a Dragon's worth of motivation, this is the site for you!

Go!  Look!  Marvel!  Make a choice to improve yourself, to improve your life, or at least make it more interesting.  The Dragon has spoken.

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  1. How interesting. I have a question though. Are there any dragon hatchlings? Are all dragons old? Don't you guys need to reproduce?

    a reader, Starvix Draxon